Work in Senegal is in full swing


Our team left to Senegal by January 18th. This year we managed to see already 7 newborn calves in Banda and Fathala reserves! And that's a big challenge for our identification team... To find out which females gave birth and thus enrich our studbook with new records, we're sending two more reinforcements to Senegal. Kačka Štochlová and Zuzka Holubová will be the main members of the identification team in Bandia.

Identifications of calves are in a full swing. The only moment when a calf can be undoubtedly assigned to its mother is nursing. It takes only a few times a day and it is rare to document it. After 11 hours we have spent with the herd in two days, we managed to observe the first suckling. The mother of one of the recently born calves is female Donma.

However we have also another tasks in Senegal. Follow us at Facebookand stay in touch.