We connect our field and academic background to design all types of ecological, behavioural and other types of studies related to antelope conservation, including habitat suitability modelling. We are skilled in data collection, processing and interpretation and thanks to the cooperation with our university we can implement our students into the tailored research activities where needed. We have experience with supervising students, wrtiting scientific papers, but also all types of reports, case studies, feasibility studies and much more, both in English and French.

We provide ecological and feasibility studies related to antelope conservation in Western Africa.

Our publications:

  • Hejcmanová P, Miřejovská M, Homolka P, Hejcman M., 2019. Drivers of diet selection of critically endangered Western Derby eland during the food shortage period within conservation breeding in Senegal. Scientific Reports. 9, article number 8712. ISSN 2045-2322. - link to the article
  • Hejcmanová P., Jůnková Vymyslická P., Žáčková M., Hejcman M., 2013. Does supplemental feeding affect behaviour and foraging of critically endangered western giant eland in an ex situ conservation site? African Zoology. 48(2): 250-258. ISSN: 1562-7020. - link to the article
  • Hejcmanová P., Homolka M., Antonínová M., Hejcman M., Podhájecká V., 2010. Diet Composition of Western Derby eland (Taurotragus derbianus derbianus) in the dry season in a natural and a managed habitat in Senegal using faecal analyses. South African Journal of Wildlife Research. 40(1): 27-34. - link to the article
  • Hejcmanová P., Vymyslická P., Koláčková K., Antonínová M., Havlíková B., Stejskalová M., Policht R., Hejcman M., 2009. Suckling behavior of eland antelopes (Taurotragus spp.) under semi-captive and farm conditions. Journal of Ethology. 29(1): 161-168. - link to the article
  • Stoklasová L., Váhala J., Hejcmanová P., 2019. Minerals in the blood, hair, and faeces of the Critically Endangered Western Derby eland under human care in two wildlife reserves in Senegal. Biological Trace Element Research. 1-5 pp. (Epub: DOI 10.1007/s12011-019-01839-8)  - link to the article
  • Žáčková M., Hejcmanová P., Hejcman M., 2013. Does a change in land use affect woody vegetation in sub-humid sudanian savanna in Senegal? Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica. 44(4): 209-217.
  • And other scientific articles