We are academics and field ecologists with more than 20 years of experience from multiple countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In our professional careers, we focus mostly on ungulates, namely antelopes and giraffe. We combine a solid and precise academic background with a passion for fieldwork, and extensive experience with captive and semi-captive conservation breeding systems and population management. We are skilled in the analytical treatment of multiple types of environmental and population data, reviewing scientific and grey literature, and reporting the results in a friendly and understandable manner to facilitate informed science-based conservation decision-making.

We provide:

Ecological, Environmental & Biological assessments

  • Biological diversity and species richness inventory;
  • Population density and abundance estimation;
  • Animal movement and spatial use of habitats;
  • Inter-species spatial, behavioural and ecological interactions;
  • Ecological resources assessment;
  • Using diverse tools (or already existing data): camera trapping, direct & undirect observations, transect techniques, and telemetry.

Pre-translocation feasibility assessment for ungulates

  • Habitat suitability and carrying capacity assessment;
  • Source population analysis, including taxon suitability and genetic indicators analysis;
  • Initial and target population size and structure, including selection of founders;
  • Risk assessment, including environmental and veterinary aspects
  • Translocation techniques suitability assessment, including transport, animal handling, and release techniques, based on the IUCN standards;

Post-translocation assessment

  • Post-translocation spatial dispersal of individuals monitoring;
  • Post-translocation use of habitats and resources, including interactions with on-site animal communities;
  • Post-translocation survival, reproduction, and population analysis.


Assoc. Prof. Karolína Brandlová, Ph.D -

Prof. Pavla Hejcmanová, Ph.D. –