We have an extensive expertise within an applied population management, based both on our experiences from the Western Derby eland conservation programme in semi-captivity in Senegal and from the ex-situ endangered species programme management in European zoos and other conservation facilities. We are skilled in individual identification of ungulates including new born calves, have more than 10 years experience in keeping the studbooks, performing genetic analyses and interprete the results for the conservation management decisions. We have also an extensive experience with antelope conservation, translocations and we cooperate with the best wildlife vets.

We provide expert advice on ex-situ, captive and semi-captive management of antelope populations, including metapopulation management and One Plan approach.

Derbianus Conservation is member of EAZA and partner of WAZA. We are regularly participating on EAZA's Antelope & Giraffid TAG (Taxon Advisory Group) and antelope meetings of the Union of Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens. We are sharing our experiences and results of our research. 

What we achieved by now?

  • Population of 118 living individuals of the Derby elands bred in semi-captivity and managed in 6 herds in 2 natural reserves in Senegal (in June 2019) managed according to the internationally recognized best practices.
  • 206 Derby elands born from 2000 to 2019 in the Bandia and Fathala reserves. 
  • 12 volumes of Western Derby Eland studbook

Our publications: