We believe that the biodiversity and long-term species conservation is not possible without the support of local people and general public. We therefore constantly develope and implement environmental education and awareness programmes for everyone from school kids to general public in many countries both in Africa and Europe. We also campaign on all political and governemental levels to promote the active conservation of antelopes and their ecosystems.

We provide carefully designed educational and awareness materials for all types of public with special focus on Western Africa (mostly in French).

What we achieved by now?

  • 800 - 1000 children from Senegal completing our educational programs every year
  • regular training sessions for guides in the natural reserves
  • more than 25 visited primary and secondary schools and universities in the Czech Republic with the lecture about Derby eland and antelope conservation
  • regular and long-term cooperation focused on public awareness with 9 Czech zoological gardens  

Our scientific publications:

See previews of our educational publications and materials: